Ancient Feng Shui in Today’s Surroundings

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The Chinese people have a rich culture and set of beliefs. They have their Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, and Feng Shui falls under Physgiognomy  or observing appearances with the use of calculations and formulas. But what is Feng Shui really? Understanding Feng Shui Literally translated, Feng Shui means “wind and water.” In the Chinese culture, both of these elements …


Getting to Know the Goodness of a Pumpkin Pie

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The steaming, homemade goodness of a pumpkin pie can evoke a feeling of coziness and warmth that you can only feel when you take a bite out of this sumptuous culinary creation. A pumpkin pie is considered as a traditional kind of dessert which is usually prepared during early winter or fall. It is one of the favorites for Christmas …

Half Hollow Hills School District

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HHH: A Heck of a (Great!) School District Residents in Dix Hills and other communities served by the Half Hollow Hills School District have a pretty good idea how fortunate they are when they look at two pages on the District’s web site:  The ‘Our District’ page , and, under the ‘Students’ tab, the section entitled “20 Strategies …

White Post Farms

Kids LOVE White Post Farms

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Kids LOVE White Post Farms   Yes, they do:  Kids of all ages delight in a day at this multi-faceted Melville facility! It’s a real working farm and a whole lot more. It has a petting zoo. It offers pony rides. It hosts kids’ parties, and educational outings. White Post Farms has seasonal festivals that feature the likes of hayrides, …